About The Dust

DUST + NUTDUST are nuanced, talc-free powders with powerful odor and dryness protection and a marvelously smooth, soothing feel. Both are made with a proprietary formula, using the finest ingredients available. 

 Our founder Philip Wemer searched the globe for the perfect body powder for the active and discerning user.  He found existing products on the market either lacked sufficient drying strength or adequate soothing properties, and most were offensively over-scented.  Some even continued to use talc, which had been linked to health issues for decades.

 As an avid surfer, inspired by childhood vacations to the Outer Banks, Philip set out to create the perfect body powder to suit his lifestyle and tastes.  He began hand mixing and refining the formula and after much trial and error over two decades, he finally created NUTDUST, a refreshing and nostalgic coconut- scented powder with the odor and wetness protection he had been looking for and the quality and craftsmanship he demanded.  He then created DUST, an unscented yet naturally aromatic version with the same hand-crafted qualities. 

The Scent

In the ever-growing men's grooming market we seemed to have lost our way… or at least our sense of smell. It has become the norm for men's products to smell ridiculously heavy-handed.  The shelves are filled with musky, floral, sterile concoctions one might find in a taxidermist lab on a space station in 2050. Change your scent narrative. Join the NUTDUST revolution and start smelling like natural subtle goodness.

About The Company

Philip Wemer, the owner and founder of Dust + Nutdust, has been mixing and refining body powder for almost two decades. As an athlete, avid surfer and discerning consumer, he was never satisfied with the existing body powders on the market. Products were either made with talc or lacked sufficient drying strength. They all had appalling scents, were poorly formulated, and felt harsh on the body. After many years of trial and error, he created the perfect body powder by hand. DUST + NUTDUST are nuanced, talc-free powders that are soft and smooth, with powerful natural odor and wetness protection. 

 NUTDUST is made from the finest ingredients available, with a refreshing and nostalgic coconut scent loved by men and women alike. DUST uses the same proprietary formula, with no added scent. It has the subtle, natural aroma of the organic raw ingredients. Try it and see for yourself.


Some product evolutions bring about amazing improvement and innovation. But too much of a good thing can be bad. Such is the case with the use of plastics. Mankind needs to wean off the use of plastics for the good of the earth. That is why Dust Company will replace users’ plastic bottles with our beautiful, refillable glass bottles for free. Refills of Nutdust + Dust powder will then be sold separately in recycled paper bags. Dust Company cares about the health of humanity and the planet. We encourage our regular user to purchase our environmentally friendly, refillable glass bottle. Our refill bags are made from recycled material and are themselves recyclable.

Made In America

Dust Company believes there are more important ideals in business than profits or shareholder wealth. While we do want to make money and sell the best body powder on the market, we do not believe those goals are mutually exclusive. Manufacturing products in the U.S.A bolsters our communities and improves the live of our citizens at all socioeconomic levels. We believe that if an American product can profitably be produced in America, then it should be. Outsourcing manufacturing to increase profitability at the expense of our citizens and communities is not a tradeoff we are willing to make at Dust Company.


Dust Company will be donating a percentage of every sale to the Surfrider Foundation, which is devoted to keeping our oceans and beaches clean.